Wednesday, June 18, 2014

ဒီ Game ေလးကေတာ့ သူရဲေတြကုိယ့္ဆီလာတာကုိ ေဘာလုံးနဲ႕ ကန္ျပီး သူရဲေတြကုိ ႏွိမ္နင္းရမဲ့ Game အမ်ိဳးအစားေလးပါ။
ကေလးေတြအၾကိဳက္ေတြ႔မဲ့ Game လုိ႕ေျပာလုိ႕ရသလုိ လူလတ္ပုိင္းေတြပါ အျပင္းေျပေဆာ့လုိ႕ရမဲ့ Game ေကာင္းေလးတစ္ခုပါ။
စိတ္၀င္စားလုိ႕ ေဆာ့ၾကည့္ခ်င္ရင္ေတာ့ Download ရယူႏုိင္ပါတယ္။

Genres: Arcade, Sports

Pro Zombie Soccer - an original game on the immemorial theme "kill zombie". The recovered dead persons disturb civilians and only one brave and talented football player is in power to stop revolt dead. By blows of your ball you will take down blood-thirsty monsters’ heads. A large number of combo - blows don't leave even a wet place from dead persons. Rivers of blood and mountains of meat will please you. During the game you will face different types of zombie with their abilities, features and weak spots, for example, an infernal cook with a big hatchet without problems strikes aside usual blow by his belly, but doesn't withstand hit to the head or the strengthened blow. There is also other strong type of zombie and to kill them you need to throw a ball to a perineum, which is a weak place. Musical background is done in a hardcore style and ideally suits for dynamic game process.

3_pro_zombie_soccer 6_pro_zombie_soccer

Download Here >>> Pro_Zombie_Soccer.apk

Download Here >>>

က်ေတာ္ျပန္လည္မွ်ေ၀ေပးလုိက္တဲ့ အရာတစ္ခုပာာ တစ္ဦးတစ္ေယာက္အတြက္
အေထာက္အကူျဖစ္မယ္ဆုိ ေက်နပ္ပါတယ္။

..........::::: အဆင္ေျပပါေစ :::::..........
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