Saturday, July 6, 2013

SMS Bypass so tae apk lay ka bar lote lo ya ta lell so yin tawt ... phone pattern lock kya

twar tar toe ... password ma ti tawt tar toe ko pyan phyi pay ng aung lote pay mae apk

ta khu par ... d apk lay ko tone pho a twat ka tawt phone hmar Root lote htar pho tawt lo

par tal ... a tone pyu nee a tay sate ko tawt apk lay nae ta khar tae tin pay lite par tal

apk + Text Document lay ko .zip file lay pyaung pee tin htar par tal ... Extract lote pee kyi

lite par ... lo add mal so yin tawt out hmar Down lite par...................

 Download Here to

 Download Here to

a sin pyay par say................
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